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Customize Gazaway gunsSelect your custom mods for the perfect Double Tap

Walking Dead tactical reviewsSelect your custom mods for a head splitting good time

24 hour Training course Select your custom mods and spread the love to Zombie hordes

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Customize your weapon with the expertise from Zombie arms trained professionals.

Zombie Out Bag - Training

Get all your ZOB or Zombie Out Bag info here

Check out our Zombie out bags! All of Zombie Arms ZOB bags build on each other. In our kits we do not double up or repeat any items unless Murphy has showed us that certain items are better in back up pairs. The crew at ZA is constantly taking these kits to the field and [...]

Moly Coat - Modification details

Toughen up butter cup Coat your gun

Zombie Arms Moly Coat is a hard, abrasion resistant coating which meets and exceeds all military and aerospace specifications for protective coatings. Moly Coat is formulated to provide excellent impact resistance, lubricity, heat dissipation, chemical and corrosion resistance, durability and scratch resistance. [...}

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Get all your ZOB or Zombie Out Bag info here

The new Zombie Arms site is up. Sorry for the delay folks but now you can have your very own custom firearms ready and waiting for Zombie action! Need a tshirt to identify your fellow zombie killers? Look no further. While there are other Tshirts out there such as response teams and apolocypse identifiers let this be your way of saying Your not just aware of the Zombies, your doing something about it!

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